Arc Reactor

$ 7.99

Arc Reactor T-Shirt

Do you want to be more like Tony Stark? Fast cars, endless amounts of money, oh and being Iron Man! But that means you would also need the Arc Reactor in your chest. This shirt is the closest thing you will find to actually being like Tony Stark, unless you already have the cars, money and somehow an Iron Man Suit, then you really wouldn't have a reason to get this tee. Did we mention it glows in the dark?

More Info Behind The Design

The arc reactor is some kind of fusion reactor that has the ability to generate an electromagnetic field, provide clean energy, and blow things up. Tony Stark uses it for various purposes, primarily to recharge his armor and other electronic devices. 

 T-Shirts & Apparel - Arc Reactor T-Shirt 

Our tees and hoodies are so awesome that once you put one on you will gain magical powers.  Well not really (we're still working on that), however you will feel like a million bucks sporting your unique design that sure didn't cost that.  All of our tees and hoodies are screen printed for a long lasting print wash after wash. 

  • All of our tees are Sweatshop free and 100% cotton
  • Made and printed in 'Merica
  • Huge range of colors and designs
  • Screen printed for a long lasting print
  • Pre-shrunk and machine washable
  • Sizes for Men, Women, and Kiddies

Washing Info and care

Even though our tees and hoodies are pre-shrunk and machine washable they are still 100% so we recommend you wash them on cold and hang them out to dry like your grandmother use to do.  If you don't want to bust out the clothesline dry them on low heat.